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Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner at Ware Grange with Jen McNally


Ware Grange is excited to announce a new workshop series for kids called Kids’ Corner. Each workshop will be led by a local educator with over 20 years of experience teaching young children. Workshops will include a story and hands-on activity or craft designed to teach children about nature, farms and the environment. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Workshops are recommended for preschool and elementary school aged children.

2024 Kids' Corner Workshops

Kids’ Corner with Jen McNally: Planting Seeds!

Ware Grange Hall.jpeg

Saturday, May 11 at 9:30am

Join us to learn about the life cycle and needs of plants, enjoy a story, and plant some seeds. Kids will start seedlings that they can plant in their own yards to watch them grow throughout the summer.

Kids’ Corner with Jen McNally: Moo, Cluck, Baa, Farm Animals!

Ware Grange Hall.jpeg

Saturday, July 20 at 9:30am

Where does food come from? Farms! At this workshop, kids will learn the importance of farm animals through activities and stories.

Kids’ Corner with Jen McNally: Leaves, Nuts, Cones, Trees and More!

Ware Grange Hall.jpeg

Saturday, September 7 at 9:30am

Trees are an important part of our environment. Kids will learn about trees and their leaves, nuts and cones through stories and songs. There will be activities to learn about the importance trees.

Kids’ Corner with Jen McNally: Backyard Bugs!

Ware Grange Hall.jpeg

Saturday, June 22 at 9:30am

Let’s explore the tiny creatures called insects. Kids will learn about the life cycle of insects and how to collect and observe bugs in their own backyard. Kids will enjoy a story and participate in a craft.

Kids’ Corner with Jen McNally: Fun at the Fair!

Ware Grange Hall.jpeg

Saturday, August 10 at 9:30am

The Grange fair is coming up soon. At this workshop, we will have a variety of activities that kids can complete to enter in the fair and possibly win prizes. Families will learn about the upcoming fair and how they can participate.

Annual Pumpkin Carving

Ware Grange Hall.jpeg

Monday, October 28 at 6pm

We will enjoy the art of carving and decorating pumpkins while also learning about their life cycles. We will touch upon composting and giving back to the soil. We will also have a family friendly Halloween story.

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